White Oak

European white oak will give your home a timeless look. Consistent colour, clear lines and smooth texture are the best qualities of this wood species. It's a popular choice with homeowners and interior designers. With white oak, it is versatile and can be placed anywhere in your home, stair treads, wall coverings, countertops, kitchen islands, and more. This wood can be stained or give it a clear coat to enhance its natural beauty. The wood's texture is easy to work with, meaning our experts at Toncha can transform the wood into anything you desire. With our new production line of European white oak panels, we offer products machine produced from high-quality first-class lumber. White oak is an excellent choice for your home and can be used to enhance the design and feel of your office space, office desktops, and boardroom tables. Also, if you are looking for a great choice of wood for outside projects, white oak is a durable, dense hardwood that is very strong. If you are interested in European white oak, talk to our experts at Toncha Hardwood to get pricing and start designing your project.

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Let’s work together to bring your custom-built wood project to life! Transforming your designs into a reality is what we do at Toncha Hardwood—using only the best European wood: Beech, walnut and white oak, creating a long-lasting product. If you are looking for Shinnoki we are an official dealer of these finished interior veneered panels. Talk to us about pricing and setting up a design consultation immediately. Let's get working together!

White oak has a consistent colour, clear lines and finishes smoothly for a timeless style. It is currently one of the most popular choices

White oak offers versatility. Stained or just clear coated, it will keep its texture making it easy to work with and incorporate into any space.

With our new production line of European white oak panels we offer products machine produced from high quality first class lumber

From desktops and countertops to stair treads, white oak can be utilized in any aspect of your home or business.