The wood that never goes out of style is European walnut. It's distinctive; unique grain makes it stand out from the other wood species like oak and beech. European walnut's appearance is striking and has a very different look than the other hardwoods; we tend not to stain the walnut and instead apply a clear coat, which reveals the wood's pattern and showcases the natural beauty. At Toncha Hardwood we do offer oil and polyurethane finish available. You don't need to know the difference between the finishes. We will give your project the texture and look you desire. You will also not be disappointed because the European wood we source is from the highest quality lumber that will not disappoint. After all, our lumber has adequately been kiln-dried, so there are no issues with the wood's warping or cracking. Over time your table, barn doors, countertops, fire mantles will still be looking good. You can also choose from various custom products that can be made from our European Walnut stock.

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PLet’s work together to bring your custom-built wood project to life! Transforming your designs into a reality is what we do at Toncha Hardwood—using only the best European wood: Beech, walnut and white oak, creating a long-lasting product. If you are looking for Shinnoki we are an official dealer of these finished interior veneered panels. Talk to us about pricing and setting up a design consultation immediately. Let's get working together!

Simple yet fascinating, European walnut never goes out of style. Its distinctive and unique grain makes it stand out from other wood species.

Because of its uniqueness, we tend not to stain the walnut and rather just apply a clear coat. The clear coat makes the pattern of the wood stand out while not taking away anything from its natural look. Oil and polyurethane finish available.

The lumber has been properly kiln dried so there are no issues with the warping or cracking of the wood.

From tables and countertops to fire mantles, we offer a variety of custom products from our European Walnut stock.