Wood Table Tops Vancouver

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Are you not finding the right fit for furniture in your home? At Toncha Hardwood, we create and design the missing link in your design vision. Are you an interior designer trying to complete your furniture design vision? Or you looking to find a piece of furniture that will fit into your small condo, an oddly shaped, or large room in your home? We have you covered with custom-designed residential wood furniture. The options are endless; whether you need a dining room table or coffee table, we will help you accomplish your design goals.  The pieces of furniture you receive will be high-quality and long-lasting,


Restaurants are unique spaces and have a specific design that makes their brand stand out! Don't settle for average restaurant furniture that won't hold up to your restaurant's image or be durable enough to put up with the wear and tear from the many restaurant patrons' that will visit your establishment. As a restaurant owner, we know that cleanliness is essential to you and your clientele. That is why our Team at Toncha will provide your restaurant with easy to clean, stain-resistant, high-quality wood bistro tables and cafe tables that will look trendy and unique to your establishment.


It doesn't matter if you have a home office or a corporate office; you need to make sure you have a proper office desk that is ergonomically correct but also stylish. We also create standing desks at Toncha, which is better for your health than always sitting all day in one spot. Maybe you have a corporate office, and you are looking for that statement piece that is gorgeous but is functional as a boardroom table. Custom hardwood products give you a sleek, professional look and the longevity you need in your office furniture. With our custom-built pieces, your office will make a great first impression.