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Stairs are an essential part of any multi-level house. Not only are they functional, but they are also the focal point of your home. You want to make sure the staircase design gives your home the wow factor while being easy to move up and down safely. Hardwood planks are easier to clean and help reduce allergens instead of carpets where the dust is more likely to be trapped. This flooring type is excellent for a home with lots of' pets or people who have severe allergies. The streamline modern look and the cleanliness adds value to your home. At Toncha Hardwood our team is very experienced designing and handcrafting any staircase style you desire; floating stairs, u-shaped stairs, l-shaped stairs, straight stairs, and spiral stairs. Choose three different types of wood for your stair treads, beech, walnut or white oak. The wood can be stained in a variety of shades to match the interior pallet of your home. Contact Toncha to start talking with our team about staircase ideas and staircase designs.

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Let’s work together to bring your custom-built wood project to life! Transforming your designs into a reality is what we do at Toncha Hardwood—using only the best European wood: Beech, walnut and white oak, creating a long-lasting product. If you are looking for Shinnoki we are an official dealer of these finished interior veneered panels. Talk to us about pricing and setting up a design consultation immediately. Let's get working together!

The floating staircase is designed to hide the supporting structure, which gives the impression that the stair treads are floating. At Toncha Hardwood we are experts in handcrafting stair treads for floating staircases. 

Once you have sealed the wood with varnish or oil, then, after that, there is very little maintenance required to keep the stairs looking intact. All you have to do is your day to day cleaning of the wooden stairs, vacuum or whipping the treads with a damp cloth.

To keep your wooden stairs lasting for many years, the most common way to preserve the stair tread is with wood oil. During the oil application, the wood pores soak it up, which helps lessen how much water can be absorbed, preventing the wood from eventually rotting and keeping it durable against daily wear and tear.