Residential Dining Tables

Things to consider when choosing the best dining table that will work for your home; is it solidly constructed, will it fit properly in your space, will it work for your budget, will it match your home's decor? Our custom made Toncha hardwood dining tables answers all those questions. Beautifully handcrafted to suit all your space and design needs, round dining room tables, rectangular tables, oval tables, if there is the shape you desire, we will design it for you. No more problems with fitting your dining room proportions. Various sizes to suit your needs, a small table with a few chairs or large tables for many family members. We design our dining tables to be an inviting centrepiece for your dining room for years to come. Closely working with you from start to finish to make the final product exactly what you want—offering a variety of stains and two finishes: natural oil and solvent-based polyurethane. In addition to your custom made dining table, we can also make matching benches as a seating option.

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Let’s work together to bring your custom-built wood project to life! Transforming your designs into a reality is what we do at Toncha Hardwood—using only the best European wood: Beech, walnut and white oak, creating a long-lasting product. If you are looking for Shinnoki we are an official dealer of these finished interior veneered panels. Talk to us about pricing and setting up a design consultation immediately. Let's get working together!

Use vinegar; it can cut through the grease and doubles as a sanitizer. Vinegar is also a natural product and does not leave any film or residue. When applying to wood, make sure to use a soft clean cloth. 


You can mix a tablespoon of baking soda with water to form a paste. Apply using a microfibre cloth and gently rub the affected area. This process will take about five to ten minutes. After rubbing the watermark, you will use a dry microfibre cloth to get rid of any moisture. Then you can apply furniture wax to reseal the finish. When in doubt about how to handle a water stain on your wood table, talk to our team at Toncha Harwood, and we can assist you.

Solid wood is the best choice for a tabletop because it’s durable and easy to repair.