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Interior Panels

Save time and cost with custom European wood wall panels. They are ready to use in your home, restaurant or office; choose from natural oak, lighter sandy colours or darker deep walnut shades.  Toncha offers a variety of stains to colour match your wall panels to any room in your home. European wood panels create a polished look for any room in your home or business establishment.


Doors are the most used objects in our homes. They are the entrance and the gateways to other places within our living quarters. It's essential to have a door that not only looks great but is designed well. Doors are placed in very high traffic areas, increasing the need to have a long-lasting functional product. Nothing is worse than a hard to open or a difficult to close door!  


Stairs are an essential part of any multi-level house. Not only are they functional, but they are also the focal point of your home. You want to make sure the staircase design gives your home the wow factor while being easy to move up and down safely. Hardwood planks are easier to clean and help reduce allergens instead of carpets where the dust is more likely to be trapped.

Table Tops

Want your tabletop to last a lifetime? When choosing a tabletop, you want to remember they take the weight of many objects and the burden of countless people eating and drinking over them. Our Toncha tabletops will be able to withstand the wear and tear for many years to come.

Wood Species

Choose out of the three most durable and low maintenance kinds of wood species for any custom design project. European walnut, beech and white oak are high-quality woods that we can stain to match your overall home and business decor.