Board Room Tables

Your boardroom should make a statement about who you are as a company. Any potential clients or corporate partners that come into your office should be impressed by your boardroom and feel like it's a place to conduct business. You get one chance at a first impression, so why not make it a great one with a custom-built boardroom table. At Toncha, we will take any design ideas and size requirements to deliver a fantastic boardroom table that will be the talk at all your future meetings. Office tables need to be unique and add personality to your business. They also have to be sturdy and not fall over during the session. Our solid European wood handcrafted tables will make a strong statement and be able to stand up in many office meetings. Our metal U-shaped legs for the boardroom tables add to the table's strength and showcase a streamlined design element. Bring your ideas and size measurements, and we will build you a conference table that you will love.

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Let’s work together to bring your custom-built wood project to life! Transforming your designs into a reality is what we do at Toncha Hardwood—using only the best European wood: Beech, walnut and white oak, creating a long-lasting product. If you are looking for Shinnoki we are an official dealer of these finished interior veneered panels. Talk to us about pricing and setting up a design consultation immediately. Let's get working together!

A conference table or boardroom table is long and wide and used for meetings and gatherings in a typical workplace. They can be customized to fit as many people you need around the table.

The size of the conference table should match the size of the room. You want to make sure people using this boardroom table can easily get up and move around the space.

For a conference table, the standard height is 30” with a tabletop thickness of 1.25”.